What is a total eclipse of the sun?

It is the passing of the moon “in front of the sun,” making the sun’s light temporarily not visible, thus causing the affected area to become darkened.


When will the eclipse happen in this area?

       On Monday, April 8, 2024.


How long will the event be?

The event is estimated to enter Wyandot County from the southwest shortly before 2:00 p.m. and exit the county just before 4:30 p.m. in the northeast corner. The duration of totality will last about 4 minutes in any given area.


Is it safe to look directly at the sun?

NO!!!! Some devices can be made and/or purchased to allow people to view the eclipse safely. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL when you buy any viewing device. Unapproved devices may cause retinal burns.


What should I expect in Wyandot County?

In other areas where a total eclipse has occurred, the following are some of the problems/situations people have dealt with:

1.    The population in the area of the eclipse has tripled (normal Wyandot County population 21,000; estimated eclipse population 65,700)

2.    Due to the intense/concentrated cell phone usage, the system will overload and will not work.

3.    Due to the eclipse, most emergency radio communication will not work effectively. Ham radio operators will assist emergency personnel.

4.    The increased number of people will:

a.     Put extreme stress on infrastructure (water/sewer/etc.)

b.     Cause a temporary shortage of food and fuel – it is recommended that area residents purchase food and fuel by no later than 4/4/2024.

c.    Choked transportation brings traffic movement to a standstill.


Where is the best viewing spot?

Most anywhere in Wyandot County will allow good eclipse viewing. We ask everyone to please respect both individual and business private property


Where can I go for lodging and food?

It is understood motels and campgrounds will be booked early. Restaurants and nonprofits will have food and entertainment venues around the county. Please check this website for up-to-date information.


Can I set up a temporary campground on my property?

If you set up a temporary campground, contact your insurance company to make sure you have liability coverage. You will need to comply with all state and local Health Department rules.


Where can I get more state-wide information?

More state-wide information can be found at Eclipse.Ohio.Gov. The site will provide general information for all areas of Ohio affected by the eclipse.